A trusted world leader in technical information for the automotive aftermarket
Autodata's mission is to be the most innovative, accurate and respected supplier of technical information to the automotive aftermarket industry.

How The Information Is Produced

Autodata products are produced using procedures and processes that have been developed over many years. The company has developed a distinct, recognisable house style that enables information from a variety of sources to be presented in a uniform manner. This is a significant benefit to its customers and an important element in creating Autodata’s Intellectual Property in its products. To ensure the accuracy and value of the data, information is researched not only from 80 vehicle manufacturers but also from Autodata’s Vehicle Testing Programme where particular models are obtained; selected components are stripped and tested. Over 500 vehicle ranges have been investigated using state of the art diagnostic tools, oscilloscope testing equipment to record wave form patterns and breakout boxes.

To supplement this, information is also gained from Autodata’s own vast internal technical library, dating back to 1959. This source of invaluable information contains workshop manuals for almost every vehicle, service specifications and schedules, wiring diagrams, photographs of various motor vehicles and components.

Once the information is collated, it is processed into 3 principal production databases, one for test values, another holds text and the third is used for illustrations. The format in which this information is presented in each database has evolved over a number of years, resulting in Autodata’s standardised style and presentation of data, text instructions, descriptions and illustrations, all easily recognisable to the user as an Autodata product. Autodata goes to great lengths to ensure that its products are accurate, comprehensive and reliable and as evidence of its commitment to the industry has gained certification to ISO 9001.